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Jewelry represents the individual. It accentuates certain attributes, drawing viewers’ attention. Come and make a statement, be impactful, display your passion for all to see. Browse our wide collection of yoga inspired jewelry. Our passion for yoga and jewelry meets a perfect balance with meaning for both the physical and inner eye.
Yoga Is More.
Yoga is more. More than a person and a mat; more than the sum of its moves; more than a lifestyle choice!
Yoga is balance. Carefully balancing dedication, personal desire and disappointment!
Yoga is pride. Displaying confidence through control, turning the tools of disapproval into self-celebration!
Yoga is every drop of sweat. A gleaming example of tireless dedication to self-betterment!
Yoga is mastery. Mastering countless insecurities, mastering the negative influences, mastering calmness.
Yoga is beauty. Achieved inward and outward, sustained and nurtured!
At YAYA Yoga, we are inspired by yoga in its many forms. We are driven by the motivation it provides in so many people’s lives, encouraging everyone to harness improvement through repetition. We believe in its beauty. We believe in the pursuit. We believe in the presentation. Our collection is carefully curated to enhance and inspire growth. Wear each piece as a proud display of your dedication to the craft, as a signal of your voyage for personal betterment, and growth, with high quality pieces to last a tranquil lifetime. Find inner peace with any of our pieces no matter you desire.
Much like Yoga our collection is beauty through purpose.
Right from Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra, our jewelry will help you balance the inner YOU, ultimately transforming your yoga experience.
Each piece carries a meaning. Wear it as a reminder.
Each piece represents a journey. Wear it as guidance.
Each piece represents a commitment. Wear it as a promise.
Explore our collections today!
We gratefully thank all our customers for their continued support. We look forward to helping everyone along their personal journeys of self-improvement.
“I am in love with this fabulous jewelry. The quality is awesome and I can wear it in my everyday life. Sleek and perfectly-designed! I highly recommend this jewelry to every yoga lover!”
“I purchased "Be Pure Necklace" and just loved it. I have received so many compliments from my friends and I believe it has given me great confidence to show my true-self. I just love it.”
“Thank you so much for delivering it super fast. The product looks awesome and is of premium quality. Thanks for the special deal. Would love to buy more!”
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Very nice earrings

Great, well-made earrings, fast shipping, gladly again.

BE BRAVE - Sterling Silver Pendant Ball Chain Necklace


So pleased with my necklaces. Let ok so good

Necklace w/ Green Pendant

Fast shipping! Beautiful! Love it! Thank you again!!


I love the quality of the Be Pure stone and the length of the chain. Unfortunately the ball chain broke but LUCKILY Yaya Yoga replaced it. I recommend this company and their products.

Sehr schöne Kette

Bin begeistert von der Kette und ganz glücklich das ich sie jetzt habe :))

Gorgeous neckline

So pleased with my necklaces. Look so cute.

Sehr schöne Kette

Einfach eine schöne Kette und die Lieferung nach Deutschland ging sehr schnell, jetzt hoffe ich das die zweite Kette genau so problemlos ankommt.

Wonderful Necklace

The necklace is exactly what I expected: it´s so feminine and modest. I love it.
Everything was nicely packed
The delivery was really fast.
What I didn't expect was to pay import tax, but I could read about it before.

Necklace is beautiful

Necklace is beautiful

Just Be Necklace

I love the Just Be necklace! The chain and Just Be pendant are very well made and perfect for everyday wear! The piece arrived very quickly!


Love the necklace, love the length, love that it has a clip for if I was to turn it around. Solid feel , beautiful and elegant.
Thank you!

My new favorite earrings!

These earrings are the perfect size and are so beautiful 🤩

Be pure necklace

The necklace is beautiful! I love the symbolism of the chakra and the mantra Be Pure! The order arrived before the stated date

belove necklace

Delicate and special necklace !! I wish it would strengthen the heart chakra and bring with it a special love ❤️


I purchased the silver “be strong” necklace and it is beautiful. I had purchased 2 of the color on ball chain chakras and love those as well. I like the silver because I wear it everyday and don’t have to be concerned about matching (not that I care, but you know). The craftsmanship is beautiful.

Yoga earrings

LOVE these! They are beautiful as well as practical. Everyday or while doing yoga practice.

Lotus Pose - just be Silver bracelet

Beautiful piece of jewelry

Great gift and High quality - Love it ❤️

Very cute

I really like my necklace. The only challenge is the getting the clasp into the small chain opening.

“Be Strong” Necklace

I absolutely love this necklace as well as the matching “Be Strong” bracelet. This company is outstanding! They care about their customers as experienced by their immediate response to questions and the care they put into your purchases, including shipping. This is my second purchase and I will most definitely be a returning customer.

Intimate gift

It was the perfect bday gift for my Yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️ instructor who just ooozes love.

I picked a winner!

After purchasing from YaYa for myself, I decided to purchase as a gift for my sister's birthday. She loves her bracelet as much as I love mine!

Hi. When I saw it, I tought it was a return. The outside box was wrinkled and had a yellow tape on one of the sides. It said repacked. I opened this box and found the gray box which looks just like the necklace box that I got back in december from my husband. He gifted me a necklace then (no issues w this one)
This gray box looked ok but when I opened it in order to get the necklace out, the box fell appart. BTW, I loved the piece of jewelry.

Dear Luz, We are happy to hear you loved the piece of jewelry. And your second order from YAYA yoga. We apologize for the inconvenience. with the box handling - we are investigating it with DHL.
All the best and Namaste.