Be Brave - Self Power

The Third Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra is known as the Manipura Chakra, which means in Sanskrit self power - We use the mantra “be brave”, because one’s self confidence, self discipline and the ability to achieve goals all come from this chakra.

The color of this Chakra is yellow, it symbolize energy.

A well balanced can enable one to achieve goals, opening the third chakra can make one a better leader, stand up and make dreams come true.
When the chakra isn’t balanced we feel fear, face eating disorder, anxiety and loss of control.

We all can 🙏balance this Chakra with yoga practice ,that includes poses as Navaasana (Boat pose)- those poses strength the solar plexus area, which it’s location just behind the naval region, below the rib cage.

Remember practicing is a choice balancing is a must, so be brave, look inside your self and take control for your life, let’s not blame anyone else let’s decide to take our life in our hands and do good for ourselves.
Namaste , REMEMBER life is beautiful and we are in charge of making them like this.

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Lotus Pose with Silver Ball Chain

My necklace arrived quickly. The quality is great. I have been wearing my necklace since I got it. The adjustable chain is a good idea. Wish they also offered an adjustable chain 20-24". Highly recommend!


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Tree Pose Bracelet

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Upward Facing Dog Pose

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Be Brave Necklace

Wearing the Be Brave necklace makes you feel brave. It's a must for any yogi.

Tree Pose

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Be Free Necklace

Arm stand pose necklace with the ball chain.. the detail is impressive and love laywering this with other Yaya Yoga pieces.

One of my favorites

This lovely necklace with the lotus pose is most likely one of my favorites. The necklace has a ball chain and can be layered with other Yaya Yoga jewelry pieces.

Be Pure Necklace

The Be Pure silver necklace with the ball chain is lovely. I'm extremely happy with my purchase.

Love them!

I love the necklaces but if you wear more then one at a time they get super tangled..


What a great product, and a really great vendor!

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What a great product, and a really great vendor!


I love this. The quality is very nice, i have the Tree pose - Be strong. I would definitely recommend this without a doubt.

Beautiful reminder

The item is not only wonderful quality, but such a great reminder to open my heart to life and my practice. Promptly delivered in nice packaging.

Tree Pose - Be strong silver Necklace (balls Chain)


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BE PURE Necklace - color pendant (silver box chain)


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Tree pose - BE STRONG

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The quality is very nice! I ordered a 14 k gold and it’s nice! I ordered the sterling silver necklaces as gifts.. no fault to Yaya, but arrived after the holidays! My USPS never attempted to deliver! Yaya told me to go to local post office... I truly thought they were crazy, but after a 45 minute wait as my local postal service searched for my package, it was there! Thank you Yaya for your truth and honesty! I do love them... might ask to ship through DHL or another carrier!

Be strong necklace

Love the necklace and the reminder!

I ordered the “Just Be” necklace. When I opened my package it was a beautiful presentation! The necklace is quickly becoming my favorite! It’s high quality and just makes me feel good when I wear it! Love the length too, it’s perfect to wear during a yoga practice! Thank you! I’ll be buying more of these for myself and for gifts!