FAQ – YAYA    


Who Are YA?

YAYA is our family business who funded by us, Yael and Alon. Our main goal is to help YA find a perfect solution for making people around you happy, knowing you have put your best thought into making them feel special and loved.

We know that all of the above is never an easy task, therefore here with us at YAYA you will find a perfect variety of gifts. All you got left to do is to choose a gift, pick a line or a word that means to you and we will take care of the rest.

Our idea and method of creating your jewelry does not consist machine work, each one of it are crafted entirely by hand and so are the letters whom we stamped individually, therefore none of two pieces could ever look alike. Each has its own uniqueness and irregularities which gives each single one of it its’ special character and beauty.
We create gifts that are fun to give.
For additional info please see our about page.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is via the contact form in the website or sending a direct email to yaya@weareyaya.com We will reply within 2 business days or earlier.

How does my order come packaged?

Our orders are packaged in a beautiful fabric bag, each placed inside by a YAYA-designed paper bag. The paper bag is tied in a colored ribbon that comes out of its upper brims. In case of a few pieces per order, each piece will get wrapped in a separate package as mentioned above and will be placed inside of our YAYA carton box for maximum protection of your goods. For each of our boxes you will also receive a gift card so you can write the recipient a personal loving massage and hand it over to your loved ones. If you have any specific card and packaging color preference, please state it in the special instructions box on your check out.
gift package

How long would it take YA to create and ship my Gift?

Creating your custom, hand-stamped jewelry takes between 3 days to a week* after a completed checkout.  
*Please note that shipping is not included in this time frame.
*Please note that this time frame does not apply during the following holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Orders placed during these times may take up to 15 business days to ship. 

Do you ship all over the world?  or just to the USA and Canada    

We are happy to ship all over the US and Canada. Currently we are not shipping to other parts of the world - however if you want us to ship to other countries - please contact us via the contact form in the website or sending a direct email to yaya@weareyaya.com and we will do our best to help you with your specific need.

What is "hand stamped jewelry?"

Hand stamped jewelry is custom-made jewelry created entirely by hand especially for you. 
We at YAYA do our every best to keep the depth and placement of the letters consistent, but because the piece is handmade, there will be some irregularities—we find this is what gives each piece beauty and character.

Please note that we will not accept returns on pieces due to the stamping aesthetic.  

Will the letters be perfectly straight?

Our method consists of handmade work; we feel the beauty is in the imperfections and character of each piece. The letters are not stamped by machines, but by hand, reflecting an authentic and organic feel, alongside our best intention of giving you a well-made quality jewel.

What font style do you use?             

The font style we use on your personalized pieces are pictured on our website.
To ensure you are happy with your order, please be as specific as possible:

Include the EXACT spelling of the words/ names/ quotes you’d like stamped.
To request symbols, check our list of available symbols and note which symbols you wish to add, how many, and where.

Please make sure you type in the words, their letters, and symbols in the exact order you want them to appear (from left to right in English and from right to left in Hebrew).

Please type using the uppercase and lowercase letters exactly as you’d like them stamped.

Lastly and most importantly: double check your request for spelling, symbols, order, etc.

Can I order a gift card from YA and send it by email to my friends or family?

Yes, to order a gift card click here, once you complete the order of the gift card an email with a gift card code will be sent to you so you will be able to send it to whoever you want.

What if I need to have my piece re-done?

In the rare case of a sizing or spelling error on our part, please contact us so we can correct the item and ship it to you within 4 business days.

What metal are your products made of?         

We specialize and focus on 925 sterling silver products of the best quality.
Select items are also available in:
gold-filled, gold-plated and silver-plated cooper and brass.

To care for plated pieces, we recommend the following: 1. Clean the item nightly 2. Wipe oils and sweat immediately off of the piece. 3. Avoiding any extreme shape shifting or distortion of the original shape. 4. Remove the jewelry when spraying perfume.

If you prefer a piece that will last forever with little maintenance, we recommend our 925 sterling silver products.

I need my order rushed, can you help?

While we cannot rush our handmade production time, we do offer expedited shipping options by Fedex express. Rush shipping can be added to your cart during checkout. Rush orders arrive within 2-3* business days after the piece has been created.
*Please note, we are not responsible for package delays by Fedex due to holidays times, weather, an incorrect address, etc.